Food and Drink Guide – Download Festival

Download Food and Drink


It’s always important to budget for food and drink costs when heading to any festival, and Download is no exception. You may have particular dietary requirements and worry that you may not be catered for. You’re in luck. A great range of food is available at Download Festival; whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or simply have an acquired taste.

Eat Artisan or Keep it Cheap

In recent years, artisan food stalls have been cropping up selling all manner of foods from every corner of the globe. This food is great quality, though doesn’t come cheap and will set you back at least £9 or so per meal. A more budget-friendly option is to opt for your typical festival grub, which is widely available- burgers and hot dogs will cost around £5- £6. If you’re lucky enough to get great weather, no doubt ice cream will be in order- expect to pay between £2 and £3 per cone.

Bring your own Beer

You’re welcome to bring your own drinks to Download Festival, alcoholic or otherwise, just make sure they’re not stored in glass and bear in mind that alcoholic drinks purchased externally cannot be taken into the main arena.

Booze On-Site

Drinks are widely available to purchase at the festival. A range of soft drinks are available and bottles will cost around £2.50. Hot drinks can be purchased across the site and generally cost between £2 and £3. In terms of alcoholic beverages; beer, wines and spirits will all be on sale. A pint of beer or glass of wine will set you back between £3 and £4, whereas a single spirit and mixer will cost around £5. To keep hydrated, water taps are available at various points across the site and can be used at any time and for free.

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