Festival Overview – Moseley Folk Festival

Moseley Folk Festival

Source: https://www.flickr.com/. Photographed by: Tamsin Slater

Moseley Folk may be one of the lesser-known events on the UK festival scene, but that only adds to its charm. Set in a private park with a capacity for just 3,000 people, it’s one of the most intimate musical events of the summer. It’s a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere with colourful pennants streaming between the trees and quirky tents gathered around the seating areas. Perfect for a chilled out end to the summer.

Last year for its 10th anniversary, the festival was headlined by 60’s pop icons The Monkees, so this isn’t just an indie affair. Moseley Folk has hosted some incredible jazz, funk, and soul acts, and despite attracting big names, it has managed to maintain its special something into its 11th year. 2016 is no exception, with headlining acts The Coral, Levellers, The Proclaimers, Billy Brag, and The Jayhawks. As with previous years, there’ll be a host of other musicians and acts. But the carnival spirit of Moseley Folk is as much about art and culture as the music. There will be artisan foods on offer, such as roast pig, falafels, crepes and award-winning Caribbean delicacies. And what summer is complete without real ale and cider?

Given the size of the venue, camping is unfortunately not an option, but Birmingham city centre and the surrounding suburbs are full of affordable options for accommodation. The Megabus stop at Hill Street in Birmingham is within a 15-minute drive from Moseley Park, so there’s no need for you to walk 500 miles to get to that stage in time for The Proclaimers.

Moseley Folk isn’t just one of the most rustic festivals around, it’s also one of the more affordable ones. Adult day tickets start at a mere £42.00, while a weekend ticket for the full three days is only £95.00. With a Megabus tickets from just £1.50, you could plan the whole weekend for under £100!

Moseley Park, Birmingham // 2nd-4th September 2016

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