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Festival season is well and truly under-way and we know just how important it is to stand out in the fields. That’s why we’ve teamed up with style icon, and top fashion blogger, Maria Minnie to help inspire the outfits that you’ll be packing into your backpack this summer. Maria-Elena lives and works in London and has a keen eye for colour, and lots of it!  Her kitsch inspired blog covers everything from fashion and shopping hauls to travel tips which guarantee some serious wanderlust.

The most classic combination of colours will always be the ever stylish Black&White. Summer, no summer, black and white is always a winner. For this look I decided to opt for the most popular festival sartorial movement of Boho Chic.I absolutely love this over top in white lace, this can be worn with a bralette if you are summer bod ready, or with an under top to cover up those bits and bobs. I also had to add a hat to this look as what is a festival without a good hat? Last but not least a touch of Gladiator shoes with a modern twist adds more playfulness to this look.

Hat: Brixton | Top: Glamorous | Body: H&M | Shorts: Lira | Shoes: Sixty Seven Echos | Bag: Vintage | Photography by Muffadal Abbas. Instagram: @bymabbas.

This look is more conservative. It is inspired by African safari and a sense of adventure. I always love a good khaki outfit, especially on tanned skin. The baggy shirt can be worn both as a light summer jacket and a top. Particularly when shaped with a an awesome buckled waist belt. Let’s not forget about those sunnies as well, meow! African cat ready to hit festival season!

Headband: Asos Africa | Shirt: Milk It Vintage | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Uterique | Bag: Sandro | Sunglasses: Jeepers Keepers | Belt: Reclaimed Vintage | Necklace: Reclaimed Vintage | Photography by Muffadal Abbas. Instagram: @bymabbas.

The most amazing thing about going to a festival is that one can be as crazy as they want with what they wear. It’s all about: the more, the better! This outfit is my version of the sportsluxe trend- or more like sportsluxe meets disco. I decided to go for comfort and throw on my work out gear whilst adding a mental over-sized sequin kimono and some cat ears. What is it with me and cats? Hmmm. Now I am ready to dance like there is no tomorrow in comfort and style!

Jacket: Asos | Top: Puma | Leggings: Addidas | Shoes: Asos | Bag: Reclaimed Vintage | Headpiece: Asos | Photography by Muffadal Abbas. Instagram: @bymabbas.


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