Things To Do In Hackney – Born & Bred

When you head to Born and Bred this year, Megabus wants you to make the most of your experience. That’s why we’ve spoken to Jon Swain, the Director of Hackney Brewery, to get some truly local advice so that you can make the most of your surroundings. He founded the brewery with Peter Hills in 2011. Progressive, independent and focussed on flavour, as Hackney’s oldest brewery they bring you consistently great-tasting core beers and invite you to explore their specials with them.

Favourite place to eat?
One of the best things to do in the local area on a Saturday 9am-5pm is to head to Broadway Market and its slightly smaller neighbour Netil Market. There is a huge array of street food, coffee and some wonderfully creative crafts. It’s something that you can just wander around and soak in some of the local offerings. On Sunday Columbia Road flower market between 8am-3pm is something of awe, but be sure to get there early as it gets very busy.

Favourite Hackney pub/bar? 
There are so many great bars throughout Hackney. Some of the best pubs around Haggerston Park are the Seabright Arms and The Marksman. They both have fantastic atmosphere and a large selection of beers, including ours.

Hackney Brewery


Things to do?
The Geffrye museum is situated just around the corner from Haggerston Park and situated a stone’s throw from the brewery. They have decorated a row of alms-houses with all the appropriate style for each decade. It’s a fantastic walk through time. Also Hackney City Farm is tucked away just on Hackney Road where you’ll be able to get involved with something going on. There are always events and evenings throughout the summer.

The Geffrye Museum


Any hidden gems in Hackney?
Haggerston Park is built on the old site of the gas works, which is why it is walled in. The layout and features of the park are designed to reflect the buildings and structures of the old site. The canal is also a great place to go for a walk. It will lead you to Angel one-way and past Victoria park the other.

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